Why People should visit my Blog?!

I think people should visit my blog because my blog is formal and pretty awesome to look at. I also feel that people should visit because my blog is regularly updated and I try to make it slightly better each week I do blogging. My posts usually consist of school posts that our teacher “Mrs C” assigns us to or sometimes free posts if they is nothing inparticular Mrs C wants. I’m also going to start trying to do my own posts at home about things I do like running, touch football, Kung-Fu and games, obvisouly ’cause I’m a boy. Things visitors may learn from my blog is my likes and dislikes, tyhings happening at my school or something else like that.

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge.  

S.P.P.S School Fete

This year our school had our first fete in 10 years.  So it was quite a spectacular achievement in itself. The fete turned out to get more attendents then I expected and I don’t think the teachers and organisers were expecting that many either. There were six rides out on the street in front of the school. They were allowed to do this because they closed the road off. There was gladiator fights, 2 jumping castles, one big slide called the dragster, flying chairs, bungee trampoline and rock climbing. That was just outside the school. On the inside it was packed with stalls like Harrison’s Mum’s plant stall.  There were raffles and auctions, there were mystery jars and 2nd hand shops. There was also horse riding, plaster casts, hairspraying and face painting.


I’ve got a father for sale. He needs a good home as I’am moving and can’t take him with me. He needs a a lot of love.

He’s a loving Dad and the greatest Dad. He  is loving because if I have sport he will gladly take me and my friends to where I need to go. He is so funny and enjoyable to be around. If you didn’t know him very well or didn’t like him you still could laugh at his jokes this is a great attribute.  My Dad mightn’t be the smartest person but he’s quite the handyman.

My Dad is great fun to have around and I’m sad I have to leave him behind. So please can someone take him in.

Morisset Camp

I’m back and telling you about camp. This year Stage Three went to Morisset for 3 days as our camp. It was so much fun because there were lots of cool activities like rockclimbing, highropes/lowropes, giant swing, dual flying fox and canoeing. Because I have allergies I got heaps good food and everyone else got yucky food. Overall I had a heaps good time and I had to go back next week for a gifted and talented camp.

Natural Disasters

Through out term 2 our stage has been working on natural disasters. I’m going to tell you about the natural disaster “plagues and pandemics/epidemics”. A plague is a deadly disease that usually can kill people in a very small time frame. One very well known plague was the Black Death. It affected most of Europe and Asia. In Europe the death toll from when the disease started in Europe and when it finished in, 1348-1350 it had killed 75 million people.
An Epidemic is like a plague but not so deadly and only affects a small area, say a few communities. A pandemic is much like an Epidemic but spreads far and wide around the world. A form of epidemic and luckily it’s been eradicated, was Smallpox. Smallpox was major infection over the body. Smallpox killed 300,000,000 and disfigured many. Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980 by a global vaccine program.

Murder Under The Microscope

Murder under the microscope is an Australian online activity, that is like an investigation of a death of an endangered animal. There are 15victims, 10 crime sites and 15villains. We made our accusations but failed to get all three correct. We had almost got it right but we only made one silly mistake. I really enjoy MuM because it’s a fun way to discuss our thoughts on environmental issues. We get to go off and investigate anything that we think needs some consideration and then share our knowledge with the class. I learnt a lot about different animals, catchments in Australia and environmental issues.


This year our class has done something a little bit different to past years. Although we have been doing things like making websites and this thing called glogging, this year we did probably the best of them all, blogging. I really have enjoyed doing blogging this term and I really hope we can continue it. I have learnt a lot this term like making and updating my own blog, putting on posts, adding media and links and all that cool stuff. I have learn’t so much new stuff from doing this and now I think I’ll be able to make my own website too.

Being in the O.C

Being in the O.C. is so much fun. The O.C is a class for students that are working above their age level. The O.C stands for opportunity class. I love being in O.C because we are allowed to do a lot of things that other classes are unable to do. Another advantage in my class is our teacher because Mrs Cliff is nice and fun. There are so many more reasons that being in the O.C is great but I’m only going to mention a few.

Creative Commons

I think that creative commons is a fantastic idea because it allows people to take pictures or music or whatever and lets them take it and change it for any purpose. I also think its a good idea because it makes it easier for people who might not see these things in real  life but people that did can put pictures on the Internet and let others use it .              http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/free_stock_photos/showphoto.php/photo/8058

Mothers Day

On every mothers day we give back to those females in our life that we love. Whether it be your mother, grandmother or another important women in your life. For Mothers day I give back to my mum because she works from 8-8 every day whether she likes to or not and she buys the things I need. So 1 special day isn’t enough to give her everything that she gives me. If I had the opportunity I would make every day mothers and fathers day because mum and dad are one of the most important things in my life.

Getting Along

Getting along is to me the most important foundation of them all because without getting along we wouldn’t be able to achieve any other foundation.

Getting along is very important in every day life without it we would not be able to greet people or socialize with them. To get along you need to cooperate, be kind, be friendly and nice, happy, outgoing and owning up to something you have done if you did it.

If you get along your on the road to doing all YCDI foundations.

What makes a great teacher?

This week Mrs Cliff asked us whats makes a great teacher?  I think a great teacher is kind, so if you do something wrong you know you wont get in lots and lots of trouble.  A great teacher should be fun to work with and can be relaxed but at the same time serious so we can actually learn something everyday. Learning is fun  and can be even more fun if you have a great teacher to teach  you.